Zingano B.J.J. & Colorado B.J.J.

Zingano BJJ & Colorado BJJ are now working togheter to bring the best in BJJ instruction to Denver area!

I, Mauricio Zingano(Caique Black Belt) and Dave Ruiz(Machado Black Belt) are teaching togheter at our schools.
Dave and I have been friends and training togheter for the over 10 years now and we decided to give our students a little more for their money, insted of one BB instructor, they will now have two, from to different schools, Caique & Machado!
As of right now we plan on teaching classes at each other school's once every couple of week's and see how the students like it, if everything goes smooth we'll be doing a weekly class at one another academy!

So from now on if you train at either of our schools you'll be getting top notch instruction from two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts;)

Take care and keep training hard!

Mauricio Zingano

P.S: my new website is up and almost 100% ready now, check it out!!!




TTT 4 Hostile

bird save your homosexual comments for another thread!

Mauricio and Dave are Great instructors, great fighters and Great people. You cannot go wrong training with them!!

Rob Kahn

Whats up Cupcake

What up fruit cake! how's the school?
Hope your doing well, happy new year!



Mauricio, have a Hostile New Year.

Dave is doing great! LOL Bryan!

TTT Mauricio. Definitely a plus for your respective students. Looking foreward to count with some of your fighters in my MMA events in Mexico soon.

All the best.
Tony Perez

I'll have some guys ready for you in a few months hopefully.

Take care Tony.