ZMA as Recovery & Sleep-Aid?

I had read on another thread about the use of the supplement ZMA as a recovry aid & it was brought up that one of the other benefits is deeper, more restful sleep. You have NO IDEA how good that sounds to me. I tend to sleep in fits & stops - often wake-up every hour or so. I don't like to take over-the-counter sleeping tablets because then I wake up feeling groggy (which is almost as bad as feeling sleep deprived).

Anyone use ZMA and if so, what was your experience?




I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Most of them have Valerian root in it to help counteract the supposed hyperness the B-vitamins will give you. I have been sleeping well, and I could let a midget do pullups in the morning.

LOL@ Midget Pull-Up equipment!! Thanks, Impatcqc.

Anyone else?

Agreed on both getting a better sleep and sporting midget pull up equipment.

for me, ZMA is one of the few supplements that lived up to it's claims. (I've seriously spent $1000s on supplements over the years)

I use the EAS one and I also believe it lives up to it's claims. For me, it also really enhances my dreams. They are VERY vivid when I dose correctly. Just like my multi, it's now a daily staple.

I've been using ZMA for about eight months now. I definitely
get a deeper sleep and more intense dreams. But
sometimes I wake up feeling groggy, like I had taken a
sleeping pill or slept too deeply, if that makes any sense.

There are several different formulations of ZMA available
these days, some of which have various additional
ingredients. I tried three or four until I found the one that I like

I haven't experienced any major increase in strength, but I
have gained some muscle mass and generally feel stronger
in the morning.

bdwttu: ZMA is a supplement containing Zinc Aspartate,
Magnesium Aspartate and B-6 in a certain ratio. There was
one study performed by a professor somewhere that showed
that college football players taking ZMA had a significant
increase in both free testosterone levels and strength. This
seems to be a legitimate, independent study, although the
number of subjects was too low (like 12 or 14) to be

Interestingly, ZMA was created by that guy at Balco Labs that
is now under investigation for creating that designer steroid
that has people like Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and various
other star athletes going to testify.

The dreams alone make it worthwhile. :)

Sometime though, I do wake up groggier. All in all, I liked it, but I sleep pretty well so I wasnt sure it was worth the cost for me.

When I take that supplement, I can remember my dream every night.
I like to use Cytodyne's Cyclo ZMass.

I just looked at my bottle. That's what I use too, Cytodyne's
Cyclo ZMass. There was another one Cyclo Z PM or
something that was like taking sleeping pills.

what ratios of what supplements are contained in these products and would it be cheaper to buy them yourself and take them individually? also, has anyone here tried taking them individually?

Ive been taking it for a month or so...I get real tired after about 1 hour. I go to bed and feel noticably more alert in the morning.

I found the EAS brand (ZMA HP) for $16.99 at (120 tablets)

I've used ZMA for about 9 months. Since I began taking it I have experienced more restful sleep as well as more vivid dreams. YMMV.

Dreams are something i need. Any side effects?


I use it and like it...

ZMA works because "most" athletes are deficient in Zinc and magnesium.

Conte knew this, he made most of his money testing Olympic-level athlete's blood and telling them what vitamins and minerals they were deficient in.

Calcium does inhibit Zinc and Magnesium absorbtion.

"Any side effects?"

Other than a lightening of the pocketbook I personally haven't noticed any.

ahh well, i asked before i fully realized that it was just vitamins/minerals. If it competes with calcium, how long after taking said pills could i drink milk without worry?


Last night i bought a bottle of zinc and a bottle of magnesium. I took one of each 2-3 hours before i went to sleep. After the time had passed i felt like i was going to pass out. I was tired as hell.

I slept and had dreams all night and nice restful sleep for the first time in about 10 years. Now, i'm not one to easily succumb to the placebo affect, so i think this is going to really help me out.

The forum may have saved my life.