Zog the Immortal Slog (Dangerousdoug short story - scifi/horror)

Zog ‘The Immortal’ Slog dominated the night sky, and all who had the misfortune of dwelling under it.

He, along with other slogs, were massive planet-sized, all-knowing, ultra-powerful beings who had successfully taken over the Universe.

There was no fighting them. For the civilizations who attempted to do so, they were tortured forever in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, and they were warned of this fate before ever doing so. Though, the slogs knew exactly just how they would react before even issuing the threat.

But the Slogs all had their agenda which was uniform across the cosmos. This is how you dominate a civilization and make them bend to your will which was something they required if you were smart enough to work with them.

It was simple, ‘you must give thanks and bend to their will’ whatever it entailed.

In a planet very similar to earth in a dimension just a few stone throws away, Zog and the dominance of the slogs was all the people had ever known.

A father and his son were out stargazing one night when one of the several thousand eyes of Zog the Slog came into view.

“Look Dad! It’s Zog!”

His Dad put down his telescope and covered his young son’s mouth with his hand, knowing they were now being watched and worried he would say something stupid.

“Give thanks, son. You must give thanks,” his father demanded then uncovered his son’s mouth.

“Thank you, Zog.”

And there was a reason to be thankful, as unfortunate a fate as these people had. For most civilizations, immediate destruction and/or slavery were the preferred method.

Some slogs even experimented with their subjects, which involved new methods of torture which they could use on other, newer civilizations who would dare oppose them.

However, there was one catch.

Every so often, Zog demanded a sacrifice which varied in number depending on his mood and the requirements of the slogs.

Sometimes it was as few as a dozen or so. Other times a few hundred or even a few thousand. It didn’t matter how they died and Zog personally didn’t do the killing. He just needed their souls to appease The Confederation of Slogs. It was a part of their agenda.

When he demanded a sacrifice, which happened every few years, sometimes a few times a year or sometimes a few times every month, the people of Earth Z46 knew right away. Earthquakes across the entire globe shook the houses and damaged property until the sacrifice was met.

It was Zog in space shaking the damn planet with his tentacle-like appendages.

The humans of Earth Z46 knew the number by an appointed government official who learned the Slogian language which consisted of low-pitched groans and roars that everybody on the planet could hear.

This time, it was the biggest number they had ever encountered, exponentially so.

The current Zogian diplomat in year B239, Burt Castermeyer, ran down to his office at the Whitehouse and put on his headset connected to a satellite camera in space when the earthquakes started.

When he heard the number, he was certain it was a mistake. “Sorry, Zog, I misheard. Could you repeat?”

“ARRRGHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhHH,” he groaned whilst floating just outside of the moon’s orbit.

Castermeyer’s jaw dropped and his face went ghost white, thinking of all the lives that were to be lost. “But Zog, 1 billion is simply too many.”

“AAAARARRRRHGHGHGHGHHGHGH!” Zog screamed as his astronomical, squid-like frame covered in thick hair shook the Earth so hard it resulted in tens of thousands of deaths around the globe, which forever haunted Castermeyer.

After riding out the destructive force, Castermeyer said “OK, OK. It shall be done, Zog. Thank you. We shall bend to your will, always and forever.”

He turned off the screen, put away his headset and poured himself a stiff one of special reserve before commencing what would be the biggest sacrifice in history.

On the other side of the doomed planet, a young girl said her nightly prayers to Zog and Zog watched her with glee. There was something very special about this young girl which Zog was particularly enamored by, as well as threatened.

She was going to ruin everything, somehow, Zog knew. Yet, he would ensure she would not be sacrificed, for some strange reason.

“Thank you, Zog,” she prayed. “Please watch over Mommy and Daddy and please help me find my dog cooper who ran away last week and I still can’t find.”

Cooper was dead.

Zog ignored the pompous politicians who were panicking over the news of the massive sacrifice and focused on the little girl, named Francesca, who snuggled with her teddy bear after saying her prayers to Zog.

Zog gave her massive orgasms, like he did every night.

Back on the other side of the world, President Johnson gathered all of his top officials in his briefing room and let Castermeyer notify everybody of the coming sacrifice.

“Let’s not sugarcoat it,” President Johnson began. “Is this the beginning of the end for us?” he asked of Castermeyer. “This is how the end starts, right? 1 billion here, next time 5 billion, etc. Is there even any point of undergoing this if we are all doomed?”

“We must bend to his will,” said Castermeyer. “Otherwise, we can all be tortured for eternity. Believe me, the sacrifice is the better option.”

Vice President Sara Henson couldn’t hold her tongue. “So how do we decide who goes and how?” she asked.

“Are ya new?” Castermeyer asked. "Zog will communicate all of that to us, who and how. The earth started to shake again, albeit rather mildly this time.

The twenty or so politicians braced themselves around the briefing room until it stopped.

“That’s him now,” Castermeyer said. “Notify the other nations and have them on standby. I’ll go obtain the lists.”

10-year-old Francesca ate her cereal as her parents were glued to the TV in the kitchen as the news was announced that 1 billion out of 8 billion people on the planet would be sacrificed to Zog. ‘The end is nigh’ the headline read, but thanks was still given to the great Zog for allowing us to live relatively free up to this point, if the end was indeed nigh.

Her parents hugged and kissed Francesca, worried that with 1/8 chances it could be her, as children were by no means exempt.

“Don’t worry,” she told them. “It’s not going to be me.”

Her parents looked at each other strangely. “How do you know that?”

“Zog loves me, he won’t kill me. Yet…”

The list of the one billion people to be sacrificed was given as well as the chosen method - death by sea.

The crowds of people were to be sent out on ships and sent out to sea and Zog would produce tsunamis and whirlpools that would obliterate them all.

While Zog was almost never directly involved in their deaths, this time, with the number so massive, he had to play a part, for simply the sake of brevity.

The unfortunate people selected by Zog all gathered round the ports and coastal cities of the globe as family members tearfully hugged and kissed them goodbye.

It was almost as if they were going on a final voyage, yet had no luggage or belongings with them, which made it strangely unique and ominous.

One family in coastal Portugal was saying goodbye to 14 loved ones, yet they remembered to give thanks, for the time they got to spend with each other. They hugged and kissed each other goodbye and cried out to the heavens after they boarded their death ships.

"Thank you, Zog! For the time you have given us. We give thanks and bend to your will! Forever and always."

The hundreds of thousands of death ships, all varying in size, were all sent out to sea for their final voyage. In the bigger ships, most preferred to stay on the upper deck to watch the coming waves that would spell their end. But some preferred to hide out in the lower quarters as they looked at the pictures of their loved ones and cried.

Once all death ships were in their proper places with a safe amount of distance from the shores, Zog worked his magic and stirred up the most massive, destructive waves and whirlpools that would end the lives of 1 billion souls.

The world watched from a live satellite feed as the first wave toppled over and ripped some ships in half or collided them with each other (as they were very close in proximity to each other) and then whirlpools would suck the few remaining survivors under the sea, drowning them or colliding them with debris, snuffing them out very quickly and efficiently.

Zog sucked up their souls and ejaculated demonically out into the vastness of space as other slogs lightyears away did the same, yet less intensely.

Francesca did as well.

To be continued...



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Working on the sequel for this one. Will post in coming days. Still not sure how Im going to end it. might make it a trilogy. obviously ,franceska will play a pivotal role in coming installments as she grows older. also, working on a novella as well, called zombies and tornadoes. about a post apocalyptic world with humanity being on the brink of extinction from zombies. one man, who used to work for daarpa working on weaponized weather tries to turn the tide with the help of a sargeant and former kickboxer who has a sword for a leg.



stupid forum messed up my formatting lol. planning a sequel where zog comes down to earth in human disguise form but still possesses his godlike powers.