Zombie Panic HL2 Mod

Anyone else playing or been playing this HL2 mod? I found it frustrating at first, but now I'm pretty addicted to it.

For those who haven't heard or seen it, it's an online multiplayer mod for half-life 2. Each level starts with all but a few peole as humans and the rest as zombies. Ammo is scarce and picking up to much of it slows you down so it pays off to share it with other players.

If you get killed as a human you come back as a zombie(obviously). Zombies can only melee & move at 80%. Not fast enough to catch most humans, but sometimes you find an isolated & greedy player who's hoarding too much and can't run fast enough.

It's got some gameplay issues that could use changes though. Playing a zombie can get really frustrating against better humans and the "carrier" & "infection" aspects aren't done well enough to impact as much as they should.