Zookeeper Brings A Tiger Home

Zookeeper Kevin Thatcher had the next best thing.
He worked at the Bowmanville Zoo back in 2008 when they were raising a young 6 month old tiger named Jonas. Every night, one worker was required to take Jonas home so they could keep up with his hourly feeding schedule.
The bonus of taking Jonas home for the night was you got to cuddle with a tiger while watching TV!
'This is how Bowmanville Zoo does it. We love our animals just like family' says Kevin Thatcher.


I'm pretty sure I'd hand over the pizza.

I want a pet tiger :(

I have 2 regular cats and I have a hard time keeping up with their litter box.

I can't imagine the amount of shit and piss THAT thing produces...

Considering every cat I've been around has walked across my lap and stepped on my balls, I'll pass. Phone Post 3.0