Zoom Masturbator Toobin Back On CNN

Fucking hilarious. May as well just start whacking it there. Wouldn’t matter.


Unreal…fuck CNN.

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I’m so confused by this.

Why does a man need to do charity work in order to rehab from accidentally masturbating on camera?

Aren’t these the same people who want to normalize sexual degeneracy? How do they square this circle?

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Like that place needs more jerk offs




Best guesses for the name of his new CNN show?

Lubin’ with Toobin

Get your hog free with Jeffrey


If brooke baldwin was still there i might have to knock out an easy one under my desk

What’s the big deal so long as it really was an accident and not a crazy exhibitionist act? The guy thought he was all alone and decided to take Secretariat for a lap around the track. He shouldn’t even lose his job.

Its because of the double standard that exists between lefties and conservatives. If it was a conservative talking about masturbation hed have been raked over the coals for months and TV network boycotted.
But it’s not a big deal, lefties have to try to keep the image of the moral high ground when they have none to little.

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This is actually embarrassing that we live in a country where someone like this is infallible to reality.

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Confused Season 3 GIF by This Is Us


What are you confused about?

i mean he was raked over the coals for months, he lost both his jobs, one permanently, and when he got the other one back they made him go on air and face the music in a hilariously embarrassing manner.

i think there is a legitimate argument to be made that he shouldnt have been given his CNN gig back or allowed another on air job since he apparently cant be sure that he isnt broadcasting himself jacking in the middle of the workday, but i think a little forgiveness might be ok too since they didnt just pretend it never happened, they made him discuss it in detail and apologize for it on air.

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Oh boy…

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Your confusion:


You don’t honestly think you used that word correctly, do you?

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i will give you a clue - google search that phrase…

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