ZST GT-F tournament results

This is an 8-man submission grappling tournament at featherweight (hence GT-F...grappling tournament--featherweight). 65 kg / 143 lbs

There is also one superfight, held under regular ZST rules, featuring Remigijus Morkevicius. Naoyuki Kotani was also supposed to have a showcase fight (against Atsuhiro Tsuboi), but Tsuboi got injured.

Quarterfinal 1: Jiro Wakayabashi def. Masakazu Imanari by decision 5:00 R2

Jiro is a very slick Sambo fighter. I'm sure this was a back and forth war with tons of submissions, but unfortunately, I don't know of any play by plays anywhere.

Next: Jeff Curran vs. some guy from Lithuania (not Morkevicius)

Quarterfinal 2: Jeff Curran def. the Lithuanian guy by triangle choke 1:23 R1

Next: Hidehiko Matsumoto vs. Noboru "Kijin" Asahi

Matsumoto is another Sambo fighter. Asahi is a former Shooto champion, but is way, way, way past his prime.

Thanks very much Ryan!!

Quarterfinal 3: Hidehiko Matsumoto def. Noboru Asahi by decision 5:00 R2

An expected result.

Next: Masahiro "Jackal" Oishi vs. Hideo Tokoro

A rematch from the ZST GP Opening Round, which was one of the best fights of 2003. This time there won't be any strikes, though, and in the first fight they both came close to KO's.

Quarterfinal 4: Hideo Tokoro def. Masahiro Oishi by decision 5:00 R2

Tokoro wins again. Probably another exciting match.

Next: Jiro Wakabayashi vs. Jeff Curran

Semifinal 1: Jiro Wakabayashi def. Jeff Curran by decision 5:00 R2

Next: Hidehiko Matsumoto vs. Hideo Tokoro


Results are coming in slow.

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Oh, stupid me. Results are from http://www.sportsnavi.co.jp. How dare I not give credit to the original source. :(

Semifinal 2: Hideo Tokoro def. Hidehiko Matsumoto by decision 5:00 R2

ZST Rules fight: Remigijus Morkevicius def. Takahiro Uchiyama by KO 1:48 R1

Final: Hideo Tokoro def. Jiro Wakabayashi by (?)rear naked choke(?) 2:39 R2

Wow! Tokoro keeps getting better and better!

"ZST Rules fight: Remigijus Morkevicius def. Takahiro Uchiyama by KO 1:48 R1"

How surprising, NOT!!!!!!!

Thanks for results Ryan!

Wow. Sounds like another awesome ZST show.