ZST Japan Update!

Hello from Japan!

Sam and I made itJapan OK and we are about to go to the rules meeting and weight in?The fights start at 1730hrs and we will be finished at about 2130hrs or 10pm EST.
Having troub;e driving this computer. I will post results ASAP after fights.
Steve G.

Nice to know you made it... ;-)

Good luck to both of you.


Steve & Sam

Good luck give em hell!!

Weight in was at the GOLDs Gym. We had a training session and then weight in.

Sam weight in at 88kg and I came in well under the 65kg at 62.2kg :( I think that I lost some in sweat before the weight in.

I didnt make it clear in the last post but the fights are on Wednesday night at about 1730hrs (japan time) and 1830hrs EST.

Next Post will be results!

Ce ya
Steve G.

Hope you're having a good time you guys, and enjoy celebrating tonight. (Note: positive!!!) Waiting impatiently for the call... ;-)

Results from JAPAN!

Sam fought the second fight of the night something that is very new for him! The Lithuanian came out and thru some big bombs which Sam evaded well. They both exchanged and Sam connected with a left hook that made the Lithuanian blink, he then became a made the Lithuanian, he then became a little cautious of Sams stand-up. The fight went to the ground and the Lith fighter got mount and attempted various arm locks and Sam used his best fight strategy and frustrated the hell out of him and didnt allow him to get anything on. The Lith fighter got Sama back and tried very hard to secure the rear naked choke. I wasnt concerned as Ive seen Sam in the same situation before and escape. The Lith fighter used alot of energy up and gased bad.

Second round:
A little more of the same with the Lith fighter looking more tired and going for shoots. Sam evaded well and clinched with him. He took Sam down and Sam got a good knee ride that took more gas out of him. (he spat out his mouth guard to breath better.) He rolled and Sam took his back, flattened him out and sunk the RNC in deep with about 30sec to go in the second round. The Lith fighter tapped!

Great fight by Sam against an opponent who stepped in the ring and was an awesome pressence and imposing sight! He had a lot of natural strength and was very dangerous!

My fight was F#&ked and ill let Sam type that one!:(

The fight started with matey throwing the left to set up his shoot.Steve slipped this twice and circled to the left each time. On the third Steve was backed in the corner and matey went in for the shoot. Steve sprawled well stopping the shoot dead. At this point matey butt flopped and Steve went into his guard. Old mate went for the triangle and Steve kept his head out of reach countering successfully. Matey swiched to an armbar and before Steve could shove his leg off old mate cranked it. Steve held on for as long as his arm could allow before verbally submitting. A valiant effort on his behalf but i must take my hat off to his opponent.

Congratulations to both Sam and Steve. Everyone at RINGS Toowoomba is proud to be part of the team.

Sam's win goes further to prove just how good he is. Some people that I have spoken to, believe that Sam's style of fighting is not spectacular or crowd pleasing. That's your opinions, and you are all entitled to them. But let me just say, I bet a hell of a lot of "fighters" wish they were as "unspectacular and non appealing to the crowd" as Sam, because in my humble opinion, I believe that there is no better LHW in this country or most others. This man is a dead set natural, and that is something you just cant teach. Well done to "The Iceman".

What can I say about Gilly, he has worked his arse off for the last 12 months to develop his skills to the next level. NO fighter has worked harder or with more focus than our "pocket rocket". It is an honour to be able to train with Steve and I know that this setback will only spurr him on to better things. All I can say is, "I wouldn't want to be fighting him next".

I must also thank Daryl for his behind the scenes work in getting these fights for the boys. Is this the start of the super manager era???
Stay Strong.

Bad news on Steve's fight, but it definitely happens in this game when you fight top guys like Oishi. From Sams description Steve fought exactly as we talked about beforehand, all except for the going into his guard and getting submitted bit... ;-( Well done though mate, you just got caught by a VERY good opponent. I'll be working hard to get Steve back to ZST to show what he can do, as I still have heaps of confidence in his ability and heart. Stay positive mate!

As for Sam, I've gotta say I was confident and shitting bricks at the same time! This guy really was dangerous, but Sam has the "frustration" gameplan down pat by now, and obviously used it well! Excellent work mate.

I'd also like to thank VAS for their sponsorship of both Sam and Steve for this trip to Japan, and hopefully for future endeavours. VAS really does seem to be a company that is going to do good things for MMA, especially in this country. Thanks a lot guys, we appreciate your help!

And cheers Wayne. Believe me, "super" is a LONG way down the track, but I'll keep working on it... ;-)

I also want to thank Joe and the crew at ZST Japan for this opportunity for the boys.

It really is a big investment for a small fight company to fly in opponents from all over the world, and without shows such as this fighters in countries like Australia have little chance of getting to fight overseas.

Excellent work by ZST, and thanks for the opportunity. We'll be back!!