ZST Picks!

Here's the card


Naoyuki Kotani x Rich Clementi

Hideo Tokoro x Taisho

Takumi Yano x Remigijus Morkevicius

Masakazu Imanari x Marcus Aurelio

Reserve Match

Atsuhiro Tsuboi x Jason Maxwell

Single Match

Takuhito Iida x Alberto Crane

Here are my picks

Naoyuki Kotani by armbar.

Hideo Tokoro by decision.

Remigijus Morkevicius by decision.

Masakazu Imanari by heelhook.

Jason Maxwell by KO.

Alberto Crane by armbar.

Naoyuki Kotani by decision.

Masakazu Imanari by kneebar.

And in the final,I predict

Naoyuki Kotani by decision.

Imanari's leglocks are awesome, but I'm going with Aurelio to take it all.


It's too tough for me to pick a winner for this one... the field's way too stacked.

I'd really like to see Imanari take it though.


Anything can happen in a fight let alone a tournament, but I think Aurelio will open some peoples eyes after tonight.

Aurelio is that good. I believe he will win it all.







I think Aurelio is very good,I am picking Imanari because he is one of my favorites.I think the winner of Imanari x Aurelio will be in the finals.

i'm picking clementi to beat kotani.

Imanari will take it all

"i'm picking clementi to beat kotani. "

we all know the story with rich's teamate's arm being broke.

But i see Naoyuki tapping him again.

Gunjin is correct on all accounts, except Tokoro will armbar Taisho, not win a decision. :)

As for Imanari/Aurelio, it's so tough to call. I'm picking Imanari because I'm such a huge fan. It's the most evenly matched opening round matchup, and should be 100% excitement.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.....but Marcus Aurelio won!!! ATT, ATT, ATT!

Looks like it was the night of upsets.I did pick that the winner of Aurelio x Imanari would be in the finals.

night of upsets for sure.

i'm not surprised obviously since i picked clementi to win. i've trained with him and also have seen him fight a ton of times. most people were only judging him off of his fight with yves. after that tag team match, clementi was confident he'd be able to beat kotani one on one. he beat his brother and last night, he beat him. it wasn't a surprise to anyone down here, but i guess maybe this will finally get rich some "national" respect.