ZST play by play?

Will anyone have updates as they occur?


Hoping somebody will come through with some pbp.



I'll list the results given by sportsnavi.



Ryan G,

Is that the results, or a prediction?



A prediction.

The event doesn't start for another hour, and even then, the first 9 fights will be Genesis bouts. There is a Genesis tournament, including a reserve match and a superfight, before the ZST GP begins.




Well, I just got a booty call, so I won't be home when the event starts. But I'll hopefully be back by the time the GP tournament starts...


From what I can decipher, it looks like Clementi defeats Kotani by decision, and Morkevicius defeats Yano by referee stop.

Nice job by Clementi to take out Kotani.

Clementi over Kotani by decision
Taisho over Tokoro by KO
Morkevicius over Yano by KO

motherfing right!!!!!

who does Rich have next?

Morkevicius just knocks the shit out of people.

Clementi fights Taisho next.

Aurelio def. Imanari by decision.

Sounds like Imanari was all over the place with submission attempts, but Aurelio may have won by outpositioning him. Aurelio came close to a guillotine, and it sounds like Imanari also came close to a triangle.

are you watching this Ryan?

Atsuhiro Tsuboi def. Jason Maxwell by TKO/cut

if so, let me IM you or something so I can get the scoop