ZST results?

There is a ZST event happening right now over in Japan, any results? (might not start for an hour or two, not sure)

Haven't heard any talk about the event. the MMA matches on the card:

- Marcus Aurelio vs Naoyuki Kotano

- Remigijus Morkevicius vs Hideo Tokoro

- Masahiro Ohishi vs Uhicyama Takahiro

- Takfumi Hanai vs Shinya Sato

- Takahiro Miyano vs Darius Skliaudys

ZST Rules

The Genesis Bouts have already taken place. These are amateur fights (1 round of 5 minutes, no judges). I could list results for that, if you want, but I don't think anyone on here really cares about them.

The pro event was listed as starting about 45 minutes ago. No results yet, though.

The double main event is awesome. Morkevicius/Tokoro 2 and Kotani/Aurelio. The 3 undercard fights aren't that great (the two Japanese vs. Japanese fights are interesting to me, but most people won't give a fuck), but those two main events are spectacular matchups.

yeah, amateur bouts aren't that important. be sure to post the pro results. Thanks. Appreciate it.

One interesting note from the Genesis Bouts is that there was a 13 second armbar victory, by Yuta Watanabe over Kyosuke Nishikawa. That must've been one hell of a mismatch.

Darius Skliaudys def. Takahiro Miyano by KO 1:24 R1

Takefumi Hanai draw Shinya Sato (2 rounds of 5 minutes plus one OT round of 3 minutes)

Masahiro Oishi def. Takahiro Uchiyama by armbar R1

Hideo Tokoro def. Remigijus Morkevicius by triangle choke R1

Marcus Aurelio def. Naoyuki Kotani by referee stoppage 3:34 R2

Results courtesy of sportsnavi.co.jp

"Hideo Tokoro def. Remigijus Morkevicius by triangle choke R1"


Anyone have that highlight video from the ZST grappling tournament that was up a while ago? If so feel free to post it.


Damn aurelio defeated kotani by stoppage... wow

"Anyone have that highlight video from the ZST grappling tournament that was up a while ago? If so feel free to post it."

Go to www.zst.jp and click on Movie.

Here are some pics. Could a bluenamer post them?

Skliaudys vs. Miyano: http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/pict/200405/05/040505_kak_zst_01_dj01_b.jpg

Hanai vs. Shinya: http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/pict/200405/05/040505_kak_zst_02_dj01_b.jpg

Oishi vs. Uchiyama: http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/pict/200405/05/040505_kak_zst_03_dj01_b.jpg

Tokoro vs. Morkevicius: http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/pict/200405/05/040505_kak_zst_04_dj01_b.jpg


Aurelio vs. Kotani: http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/pict/200405/05/040505_kak_zst_05_dj01_b.jpg




like i said...the Lithuanians hit hard but they need to learn to defend subs better

this the second loss for Morkevicius, and both by triangle

the Japanese are notorious for rushing young, inexperienced fighters into matches with more experienced pros...it's a shame too...he should have trained BJJ for at least a year and then come fight in Japan

the Thais have come to Japan and tried to be successful using only Muay Thai training...they have failed miserbly...Muay Thai ALONE is not sufficient against an experienced MMA fighter

Thanks for the results, Ryan. I was lucky enough to see the entire ZST GP the other day. Definitely some good fights..

ttt 4 marcus aurelio ATT!!!!!!!!!!!


ATT is fast becoming the top school in MMA...you guys kick ass!

Skliaudys vs. Miyano: Hanai vs. Shinya: Oishi vs. Uchiyama: Tokoro vs. Morkevicius: Aurelio vs. Kotani:

That's Seiki Ryo.

Thanks for posting the pics, Kai.

Tokoro's the man.

AUrelio is really good but i heard he got the cut with an illegal headbutt.

Good job Tokoro!