ZST Tournament 2morrow...

ZST is having an 8 man Grand Prix tournament tomorrow. 3 of the 4 bouts have been announced. Here's the lineup w/ my picks. What are yours?

Hideo Tokoro vs Shuichiro Katsumura: TOKORO by submission

Steve Gillinder vs Masahiro Ohishi: OHISHI by submission

Remigijus Morkevicius vs Boulem Belaini: MORKEVICIUS by KO (knees)

...I'll take Tokoro to win the tournament, although Morkevicius could give him a run for his money.

your hardcore never heard of any of em,My prediction is there arent more than 10 poeple on this forum who heard of any of em.But Crippler u da man for always keeping us up to date.Much props

Mike French of Team Extreme is also in the tourney... but his opponent has not been announced.

Morkevicius is great, I love his style. Too bad he sucks on the ground, or he could be a force. His first opponent, Belaini, is also a good striker with limited groundskills, so we're probably in for a pretty good kickboxing match.

Bullshit, I'll name 25 guys right off the top of my head who know these fighters: Ryan G, Gunjin EX, Shinobi Apollo, SILK, Kai Tremeche, ZeSaku, hakujin, Daimon Hellstrom, Einux, Floppy Divac, DaCrippler, EVILYOSHIDA, Ryan Bow, Frankie, DemonClown, migueli, Sadyv, No Love, ResuTudo, RKing85, droc, braddahshano808, Robin Patterson, mark of the wolf, and of course.... Winston Wolf

Anyone who considers himself a true fan of MMA will know these fighters.

Oh yeah... and Kakkarotto_san. :)

I pick Tokoro.

I know them too. feels left out :)

lol @ not knowing Tokoro, one of the most exciting fighters and grapplers in the world, or Ohishi (former Shooto champion) or Mork. Just because you are ignorant or don't care doesn't mean you have to put DaCrippler down for providing us with info.

Thanks for including me in the list, I definitely know the fighters mentioned and am a big fan of all of them.

Long Live ZST :)


Thanks for the support fellas.

Yeah Mork's ground game is a gaping hole. Dude needs to really brush up on it to keep up his stock.

Mork was the only name I heard of never saw him though and 155 is my favorite devision Nah I dont follow it lmao .Ive seen Clementi,Kotoni and Aurellio and have followed the sport since 93.I did give Crippler his props and didnt put him donw But how we supposed to see these fighters ??Fly to Japan.Id bet 99 percent of the forum has heard of them Heck Id bet my teacher Matt Serra dont know half those names Hey they may be great but the sport is rinkydink and no way to see thse fighters unless u buy bootlegs

How can you have a tourney TOMORROW with one bout unannounced?

And no Imanari? Or is he through with ZST after his decision loss?

I say Tokoro takes it. Mork has struggled lately.

4th bout announced.

Hirotaka Miyakawa vs. Mike French

...still going with Tokoro. He already triangled Morkevicus once.

for the record Da Crippler is one of my favorite posters and Id nominate him for moderator

Thank you my child.

Thank you.

I have this strange feeling Morkevicius is going to win it all and wreck Tokoro for once. It is just his time I believe.


Tokoro takes it.

Ohishi needs to go back to Shooto, he has never been a force in the 140's, and he never will be.

Morkevicius, COULD beat anyone. But Tokoro is a very very slick grappler. Don't see him getting beat in this tournament.

"And no Imanari? Or is he through with ZST after his decision loss?"

Somehow I doubt we will be seeing Imanari with ZST again.

He got really really pissed after he was in a grappling tournament (that Tokoro went on to win) He lost on points to Jiro Wakabayashi. Afterward he said he was very very upset about the decision and might never fight for ZST again.

Don't be counting Steve Gillinder out against Ohishi just yet. He definitely has the tools to take him out, and I really believe he can. Hopefully Ohishi is taking him as lightly as you guys... ;-)

And Sam Nest (Australia) vs Kestutis Smirnovas (Lithuania) is a 'superfight' on that card as well, both weighing in at 88kg. Sam is 14-0 in MMA, and Kestutis is undefeated in his last 12 fights (13-3). Should be a cracker of a fight, but Sam will take it. Watch out for Sam Nest!!

Good Australian presence with Steve Gillander and Sam Nest, can't wait for the results.