Zuffa banning sponsors for Strikeforce?

Saw this on another forum. Anybody heard anything? I guess we will find out on Saturday.

In news that will surely piss off people (and obviously fighters), an insider told me that Zuffa has put a temporary ban on clothing sponsors in Strikeforce. This policy was put in effective this week, as the fighters have been told to cover up their shorts for the show on Saturday. No logos can be shown. At the fighter summit, the fighters were told that existing contracts would be honored. Now, it will cost $35,000 to sponsor anyone.

That's why I put it here to see if anyone can confirm it.

How well do sponsorships in MMA pay off? Is it worth the $35,000 trade-off?

Goodbye all local sponsorships period!

 wow, that sucks.

that would suck but I haven't heard it anywhere else.

Need more reliable info

This sounds very odd to me. Don't some fighters in Strikeforce have the same clothing sponsors that some UFC fighters have? Zuffa honored and grandfathered these sponsors into contract once the acquisition was complete. They can't legally go back on that contract.

TTT for any fighters with info!

epwar - TTT for any fighters with info!

zuffa = fraud

 business as usual

 Interesting ...

Is that the same way they do it in the UFC?  It doesn't seem like there is a lack of sponsors over there.  And yes, I realize that slapping this on three days prior to the show is ridiuclous.

Yeah, I posted this here hoping to get a fighter, manager or agent to comment.  Anyone? 

ultimateCalo - 

Zuffa clearly would not ask for this $35,000 if they didn't need it. Clearly they have hit some rough patches financially, it is our duty as fans to help support them.

They could just start another supplement company, get cash advances and loans from investors and use that.

grkblood -  business as usual

"Don't some fighters in Strikeforce have the same clothing sponsors that some UFC fighters have?"

by and large, no... prior to the merger, folks that had to pay the sponsor tax in the ufc were basically told not to sponsor guys in the other big shows, ie Strikeforce or Bellator....so you large portion of sponsors for fighters in Strikeforce don't sponsor guys in the UFC

the sponsors that were sponsoring guys in Strikeforce are now being told they have to pay the sponsor tax to zuffa in order to do so example

Conor Heun is fighting on this weekend's card is/was sponsored by Vexillum ...well they ran into a problem trying to sponsor him for this card



if zuffa ain't getting paid, Conor ain't getting paid apparently...

to all of you that are down with the UFC's sponsor tax.... fuck you, no really.....fuck you

Hope this isn't true.

Shame on Zuffa if it is.

lol @ business as usual. UFC has shown to be liars time and time again. remember MMA superbowl? lmfao.

The same policy that is used in the UFC is now in place at Strike Force. Sponsors must pay a fee in order to endorse athletes fighting in Strikeforce.

For the 10er's and 11er's, AJDavis if i remember correctly is Alex Davis with ATT...so he would know

nice some confirmation.

i've been telling people since 12/3/03 these idiots at the UFC are going to ruin the sport.

the sport is already all time levels of boring-ness as we speak.