zuffa banning sponsors?

I know this is from fightsport , but fighters have been told that certain sponsors cant be worn , some do make sense...ala frank trigg's porn hat. but why get rid of all these sponsors for the fighters...

if these rumours are true.

Some other ones make sense too (Riccos Goldenpalace artwork on his back which he sported in a fucking casino)It wont be to the extent that that site makes it. They mention KTFO throughout the article and the pres of the company posted on this site frequently saying its not true.

does anybody know if pride has the same rules for fighters. Im sure with the big fights over tv networks for k-1 and the one pride is on , there must be some thing?

I hate fightsport.......but I cant stop reading there.

Pride fighters can be sponsered by anyone they want.

The UFC has the choice. It is there show.

zuffa and white are lame

KTFO changed their slogan to cave in to the UFC.

Who the hell is going to let someone wear knock the Fuck Out at there huge event on ppv?

STINKIN GENIUS, I guess the brilliant minds should have thought of that before their big launch.

Its very hypocritical that they air Phil Baroni's foul mouthed interviews & won't allow KTFO to sponsor fighters

Big Ben is sponsored by www.betsaucy.com.

Hmmm, wonder how much I should bet on the big game this weekend.

Big game! hope the Patriots kill Pissburgh.

"Hmmm, wonder how much I should bet on the big game this weekend."

Just as much as your willing to win.