Zuffa has A LOT to learn from STRIKEFORCE & JAPAN


Big Name Matchups.

Even a future Grand Prix.

My Goodness it is like the glory days of Pride when MMA was run and booed by people who barely knew what they were doing!

That's what MMA fans want now, the unexpected, the balanced matchup that results in an upset and for the love of all things holy, chicks figthting chicks!

Zuffa is so backwards they still has to rely upon the wet-lip Gladiator imagery and honestly childish "Face the Pain" Heavy Metal song.

Look, we're not a fan of sound bites and flash video knockouts. We know you haven't evolved in a long time and the UFC is lucky that the fighters themselves step up and put on a real show.

Time for Zuffa to evolve, but I suspect they dare not to because of their zombie fans who will buy anything no matter what they throw up.

Well, enjoy your Zombie Vomit Shows Zuffa! I won't be buying one for a long time, lack of innovation foolios!

Is it too much to ask for A LITTLE Pyro during the intros?'

Look at what the Japanese do for their fighter intro's, they give the fighters a GOD DAMN WALL OF SOUND AND COLOR.

Yeah, we Goldberg telling us 3 things.

 Yup, Japanese MMA is so much better than Zuffa. That's why almost no one is watching them and why Dream/K-1 are going bankrupt. Right on the money.

K Phone Post

Prepare to be flamed, bro.

I heard Barry sanders is fighting a 4-3 guy as the co main event at the next ufc. Phone Post

Damn if there was ever a women's fight on a PPV card there is no way I would buy that...

So u will be watching sf replay instead of 126 next week? Hav fun bro. Phone Post

I do think UFC needs to change a bit and grow as the sport does, however they certainly aren't going to learn anything from Strikeforce other that have mismatches, crappy commentary, and how to give away your business.

why would zuffa change anything when they can sucker fans into buying thier overpriced PPVs and cant get the roids out

So your main complaint about Zuffa is that they don't put enough effort to the fighter entrances?