First off, it is becoming relatively clear already that not many people want to see Ken fight Tito again, ESPECIALLY not at light heavy. Nobody wants to see Ken at 205 again, and I doubt princess Ortiz wants to test the heavyweight waters, for long anyway.

Now, Zuffa, this is where you stand at this point in time:

You have Frank Mir, who just broke Sylvia's arm, as your newly crowned heavyweight champ. Out of your heavyweight top three, meaning Arlovski, Sylvia, and Mir, he is the heavyweight that Ken Shamrock has the BEST shot at beating, and he holds the title.

You have Ken Shamrock, who has just KOed a bigger, stronger, and younger rival early in the first round.

Need I say more?

Who else is there for Ken at heavyweight? Tank Abbott? Please (I mean Kimo just choked him out, too). Are you going to make him fight Arlovski or Sylvia now? What for? A tomato can? What for?

Ken vs Mir for the heavyweight title must happen. Zuffa, PLEASE DONT DROP THE BALL! The great thing is, this would be a fairly even, competitive match.

Does Ken deserve it? Well, if he was a young up and comer, and he had just debuted in his first UFC fight and KOed his opponent, the consensus would be "Good for him, but a title shot is yet a ways to go".

However, this is Ken Shamrock, who is STILL your biggest draw after all these years. He is your three time super fight champion. He is a pioneer and a legend in this sport. AND hes coming off a first round KO. In the big picture, he has done more to deserve this shot then Tim and Andre have done COMBINED.

You can give Tim and Andre both successive title shots right after, or have them fight each other for the No 1 contender spot. Either way, you will still have a lot of excitement left in the UFC heavyweight division post Ken Shamrock.

This fight is the logical choice; it would be a fight that is both good for the sport AND good for your wallets, Zuffa. Give us fans what we want, MAKE IT HAPPEN!


If you agree, now is the time to let Dana know!

I dont want to see that. I want to see Mir-Arlovski. Im always up to see another good old Ken-Tito fight as well!!!

Though Shammy vs. Mir would sell a shitload of tickets, Arlovski deserves the shot.

I'd pay to see Shamrock/Ortiz again. I like the Shamrock/Mir idea as well though.

Arlovski needs his shot at Mir.

Put St Pierre vs Diaz.

I would say yes to Mir/Shamrock (only if Arlvski isn't healed up by UFC 50.)

I don't think someone should get a title shot just because he puts asses in the seats. Then again, I thought Mir had no business fighting Sylvia for the belt and he did just fine. Arlovski should get a crack at the belt, he did get royally screwed before.

Ken vs Tito is one of the only possible matches that can draw buys.

good point... mir vs sham sounds good

ttt for more UG approval of Ken vs Mir.

The fight would rock, Zuffa, you cant go wrong!

ken vs mir main card
sylvia vs arlovski undercard...same night
tell me that wont get ratings

"ken vs mir main card sylvia vs arlovski undercard...same night tell me that wont get ratings "

Brandini33 you are thinking the right way for sure now, bro!

Chuck'sSkidmarks, the problem with that is that Ken isnt some young buck who you can throw around like that, he has already proved himself; he has at best TWO FIGHTS, albeit pretty good ones, left in him.

Zuffa, if you dont do it now, you wont have the chance later, because quite honestly I doubt that Ken AND Frank will both win their next matches if placed against the likes of Andre and Tim. Now is the time!


ttt for my UG brothers' approval.

I agree, and I think Mir will lose to the next HW who remembers not to take him down

I just want to know when ken will be fighting again, he took out kimo in a minute and half so he cant be that beat up, so when is he fighting again?? hopefully ufc 50

anywhere I go that the UFC is mentioned, the only names the casual fan knows are Tank, Shamrock, and Royce. Some people know Tito and Severn too, but those first 3 are the ones that everyone knows

You guys are correct. Ken is easily the biggest name in the UFC right now, and what better fight for him then with the new, very beatable, champion?

Also, Ive said this before: Ken SHOULD NOT feel like the Tito fight has tarnished his legacy, because he was not in his prime when he fought Tito. That was probalby the worst Ive ever seen Ken look in a fight, weighing a sickly (for him) 201 lbs and fighting on one leg, and yet he lasts three rounds and drops Tito once. He has nothing to prove against Tito, he is of another era. He should try to cap off his career by fighting the heavyweight champ, Mir. It would be a good, tactical fight, and I wouldnt feel like ol Shammy was walking to his funeral, like if he fought Arlovski.