Zuffa pulled Sherdog credentials

According to Greg Savage just now on Sherdog radio, Zuffa pulled Sherdog.com's press credentials for this last WEC show because they covered too much of the K-1 show.

Mafia what?


Maybe they pulled the credentials because Sherdog ran some bullshit story about K-1 drawing 40,000 fans at last week's show. Or maybe they ran the fake story because the UFC pulled their credentials?

I don't think that is the best move for the UFC. I mean aren't sherdog and ESPN partners now for MMA coverage?

not the first time I remember when they kicked sherdog out of the press

Sounds like the decision making of a legitimate professional sporting enterprise.

I can imagine MLS pulling ESPN's credentials for covering the premiership. Or NASCAR pulling si's creds because they covered a formula one event on their website.

Sherdog does not equal Sports Illustrated.

Seriously..who gives a fuck...fuck Sherdog, 3rd class news and coverage with bullshit journalists.

The only thing even remotely good about Sherdog.com is TJ's show, bottom line.

Um, yes, why would they care about the K1? theyre in it for a profit, thats how businesses work, right?

No,seriously,fuck sherdogg and their totally fucking censored forum.Those guys will probably try and kiss ass to the ufc instead of using their ESPN connection to get even.

"Jake Rossen's minute-by-minute column, is also a direct rip-off of Bill Simmons running diaries on the ESPN website."

oh yeah and it sucks balls.


Unlike all those other companies.

"agreed Dana hasnt made a bad move yet, never will "

I am not a big dana fan and definately not a big foe. I thikn he has made some incredible descisions and I think he has made a couple of bad ones. (any TUF after the first two)

My only real complaint about Dana is that he is in the spotlight too much for my taste. He should be behind the scenes and let the fighters and commentators do the talking.

....But pulling press creds of an organization because they covered k-1 is wise??

He is only doing that because they are an "online news site". There would be no way in hell he would do that to somebody like CBS. All the other news agencies would be on that like white on rice.

Yet because our news is online primarily, we rank as 2nd class citizens...

Steven Molen

Oh, and at least Sherdog had creds to be pulled.

my story here.

Steven Molen

"Maybe they pulled the credentials because Sherdog ran some bullshit story about K-1 drawing 40,000 fans at last week's show"

Got news for all you guys ripping on Sherdog, the CSAC in a press release stated the paid attendance at the event was 42,575. Sherdog is just 'reporting' what they were told. Some of you seem to have forgotten that the UFC/Zuffa also imposed a blackout to ALL online credentials before, not all that long ago.

The funny thing is, Jeff continues to offer a form of support to ZuffaLLC by providing editorial coverage of the UFC / PrideFC that is positive.

He doesn't have to do this. He should simply provide hard-hitting dirt-digging on ZuffaLLC-owned product, and hype anything non-ZuffaLLC.

It says a lot of positive things about Jeff's integrity.

That doesnt make sense, alot of media was at the K-1 event.

He doesn't have to cover crap.

His coverage of ZuffaLLC-product could turn to coverage of their bully-tactics, pay-issues, and the seedy side of their corporate-dealings.