Zuffa Should Do GP Tournies

...drop the cage and use a ring, buy fighter such as Vanderlei Silva, Fedor, Minotauro and Cro cop, use knee and stomp on the ground and ban the stupid elbow............


I'm not sure if I'm right or not but I thought that the athletic commissions don't allow tournaments anymore (2 fights in one night).

ring is more exciting

WPB could be right. Although I love tournies and would love and Pay to see them.

^ That would still be great !!!

Wait a minute...your suggestion actually implies that the UFC has enough fighters to pull off a tournament and have it be watchable.

How could the UFC do a 16-man HW tournament with their collection of fighters?

"Zuffa would have to do like 8 man tournies, because no way they can come up with 16 guys in a weight class we've all heard of."

Neither can Pride, from my perspective. Or were Cyrill Diabate, Lee TaeHyun (record according to fcfighter: 0-1-0) or Nishijima Yosuke on your radar before the GP?

The fenced octagon is great, I prefer it to a roped ring.

How the fuck would Chuck stand back up if there was no fence??? Dumb Ass!!!

I like the UFC the way it is, talk all you want, but it is what it is. Pride is a good show too, but I have only purchased 3 pride PPV's, and I have purchased over 20 UFC PPV's. For a reason, I think the UFC is a more exciting show to watch.

I think its against nevada rules to have a tourney where fighters fight more than one bout in a night.