Zulu shield / weapons from UK-Zulu war - Auction



The David Smith Collection of Zulu and other ethnographical artifacts

The late David Smith’s Collection of Zulu items will be offered on the 22nd January 2014, on the 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Isandhlwana and the beginning of the attack on Rorke’s Drift.

The collection is being catalogued by Ian Knight the writer and historian who is internationally regarded as a leading authority on the nineteenth-century history of the Zulu kingdom, and in particular the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 and as production is under way and we are taking this opportunity of displaying one or two items included here:

The items illustrated comprise:

A good 1879 period Zulu regimental war shield, isihlangu, 46? x 24?, the colour originally all black with white lacing denoting a young, unmarried ibutho (regiment), perhaps the iNgobamakhose;

an exceptionally large and heavy two tone hardwood Zulu knobkerrie (iwisa), possibly an executioner’s weapon, overall length 18?, diameter of ball head 5?;

a large bladed Zulu stabbing spear, iklwa, of classic form, showing signs of prolonged wear by sharpening;

a good 19th century Zulu hardwood status staff with small ball head and raised snake motif around the shaft, commonly the preserve of men of high rank

and another status staff, the centre of the haft set as three entwined bands.



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