Zulu Stickfighting

New article over at EJMAS:Zulu Stick Fighting: A Socio-Historical OverviewApparently this is based on field research conducted by the author herself, not something secondhand by an ivory tower academic. Direct link is http://ejmas.com/jalt/jaltart_Coetzee_0902.htm Check it out.

TTT for later.

I haven't checked that link yet, but it would be interesting to compare the Zulu stickfighting method and use of the "XiWa" (sp) with contemporary British bayonet drill...

Wonder if there are any similarities between the Zulu stickfighting and Kalinda, which is from Northern Africa. Both styles use a single stick it looks like, perhaps there are some vast differences between the two.

Interesting reading though.

FINALLY i was looking for somthign on this. i only found a place online where u can order than video and i couldnt. thanks TTT