ZULUZINHO showed the critics...

...who doubted his fighting skills!!!!1

...that he's even worse than they thought he was!

...he reminds me of that great fighter...

...Bubba, the grabbling dummy

But the guys who run PRIDE have a hard on for big unskilled foreigners, so I'm sure he'll be back.

I was confused if Trigg said that Zuluzinho was a purple belt in BJJ or just purple

Funny enough, Dan Bobbish actually has legit skills.

I'm pretty sure he was a D2 NCAA champ... and he was kicking Hunt's ass for the first 2 minutes of the fight..


^^^ true ^^^

I bet he would have beat Goodridge also if he didn't get eye gouged.

Emmanuel Yarborough called... he wants his gimmick back... There is only enough room in Japan for one beached whale fighter (literally and figuratively)...

God, I miss the old Bas and Quadros grouping - nothing funnier than Yarbrough on the ground and Bas saying "it's like something out of Jaws".

Im not a huge Zulu fan, but jeese, he fought the 2 best heavy's in the world.

^^^^ Shivers at the thought...

ttt for aquatic rematch

"he got beat by the best 2 heavies. the guy barely got a warm up fight up. whos next, crocop?"

true dat, they should give him some little unskilled guy out of the audience to beat up on.

maybe bumfights will pick up his contract.

" I mean we're comparing a guy who's got a purple belt against Mino."

no way that guy's a purple belt, unless it's from a mc dojo that just gives them out.

in fact, he'd give white belts a bad name.

The poor guy fought Fedor and Mino, he's more than earned a fight with Giant Silva now. Not that either will ever beat anyone halfway decent, but against each other they will at least be competitive.

"completely unlike US promotions? Guys like Wes Simms, Tank Abbot, Butterbean, Cabbage and Dan Bobbish only earned their shots in the UFC, KOTC, Superbrawl and ROTR because of their high technical ability and performance against high level opponents, right?."

You forgot about Gannon. Ow! Cheap shot! I'm not hatin.. just keepin the legend alive on mma.tv

Sims actually beat Conan to earn his UFC shot.

Tank came into the sport in the early days, and was brought back by Zuffa due to his legendary status at the time.

Butterbean is an exception.

Cabbage had some decent wins prior to fighting in the UFC, including wins over Brink, Wiuff, and Jordan. And a DQ win over Tigre.

Bobish hasn't fought in a major US show since 1997, but he's been used by Pride 3 times in the past 3 years.

I think he looks like King Hippo its just the "BAP!" sounds before his punches thats missing. And the bandaids over his bellybutton.

I knew he would lose when he didnt mug to the camera with his 'scary face' during his intro... I mean, that is the guys best skill and he didnt even use it.

He should have tied a bow on that arm... purple belt my ass.

he should fight james thompson- see if he can give up before Thompson gets knocked out

He's not purple belt. Master of Sumu and Judu? Maybe, but surely not a purple belt.