Zurich, Switzerland

Will be in Zurich for a week in April. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Would love to go

Take a bus to Interlakken.

Palmala Handerson - Take a bus to Interlakken.

And then take the train to Wengen.

Palmala Handerson - Take a bus to Interlakken.


Interlaken was cool.

I would go to Jungfrau



I may have some info for you tomorrow.

Met a guy today from Zurich

Head south to Zermatt and check out the Matterhorn 

Send us pics of all the brown people - OG

There is a nice city call Rapperswil. It's about a 45 minute train ride. It's a old town next to lake Zurich. Mt Rigi is really nice too. You can get a Mt. Rigi and Lucerne pass. That get you on train, tram and boat. 

Thanks for the recs!

I used to work for the insurer. Avoid.