ZZR600 as a first bike?

Opinions? It's weird, reading magazines they recomend bikes like these as first bikes, but then i talk to people and they pretty much say its a death wish...250 or bust...meh. What say you? Its got about 98 ponies.


It is fine. Respect its power and take a Motorcycle saftey course. Get it !!!

Take a riders course and go for it. I usually suggest any new rider start on a street legal dirt bike. Learn to brake, clutch and start without any cars around. Have a look at the DRZ400 if you consider that route.

thanks. already took the msf course, got my license too. just waiting for the spring now.


Its ok as a first bike. Not the best choice but not a death wish.

I don't think any non rider has any idea what 98 HP means on a bike. I can run with a vette on my 70 HP SV650. A 98HP bike is faster in a straight line than 99% of cars on the road.

The problem with 600cc starter bikes (and I started on one, I know) is that they fool you with their power delivery. They make little power down low so if you short shift like most noobs you are fine. Its 6 months down the road when you start ripping it through corners when you don't know how to pick a line or move around the bike correctly and end up going wide, spinning the rear, chopping the throttle, etc... that you get into trouble.

You can be ok on one. I never dumped a bike. You just need to be careful and be honest with yourself about your skills or lack therof. For instance I've been riding since early '03 and still consider myself slow and need caution when riding hard. And I can drag hard parts or boots (I don't ride with knee pucks) in turns.

I advise a used bike, 500ex, gs500, SV650, etc.... to learn on. Less expensive if you dump it, less power to get you in trouble but still very quick and fun.

Get it yet?

what? no, it's about to snow here. It's definately that or an SV650s,though. I gotta wait till Feb or March to start riding, most likely. I plan on selling my car for a much cheaper one here soon, so that i can afford a bike.


What is this snow you speak of? I'm still riding daily. :p

fuck you big slacker!!! Lol. I want to get a bike so bad already. Maybe my vanity wants a newer 600, but realisitcally Im probably going to end up getting an sv65o(s), or an older f4.

I got an SV650 last season after weighing it against a few other bikes and I love it! I've had my license for 7 years but this is my first bike and I couldn't be happier with it.

I am going through this right now.

But I am going to get an R6 fuck it.

R6 is a awesome bike.

R6 is a awesome bike - Yes for a race track, for the road it sucks. Stiff suspension, cramped riding possition, no mid range AT ALL, Peaky power delivery, and a dodgy RPM read out.

midrange could be fixed by a power commander and custom map, though. I just want to get something that not many people have. Eventually I would love to own a triumph, but they dont make any begginer bikes really. I really want to take the time to learn how to ride and start off something not as fast, but its tempting, I know 3 or 4 people here on base who are selling their R6s and gsxrs.

Big Slacker is correct. Get a used bike first, the ones he listed are good to start with. It will cost you less and most new riders end up dropping them at least once. Regardless of the size, be sure to respect the power and take an advanced MSF rider course after awhile to increase your skills.


Good luck

...Uh.....no. That's a BAD idea.

I'm 34 and have been riding since I was 9. I've ridden them all. And I mean ALL. Between my old man and I, we have collectively owned 27 motorcycles. I know WTF I'm talking about.

Listen to Big Slacker. He is so correct. His advice and mine will keep you alive.

Buy a USED streetbike to attain some skills. And don't expect those skills to arrive after a month of riding.....be patient and you'll live to ride for the rest of your life.

Oh and as soon as you can go on the California Superbike School. Best rider coaching program in the world.

Also Listen to the slacker he has stand up wheelied the correct.

I say it's fine. As long as you know what you got and ride within your ability.