ZZST Lithuania VID (Remi,Tokoro)!!

To all current and future ZST fans here, here is a vid off the ZST website. The event was held in Lithuania. First fight is Remi, second fight is Darius (Fought against Kohi in K-1 MAX recently) vs. Tokoro

If it doesn't work, then here is the URL: http://zst.web.infoseek.co.jp/0000000008/bushido_500.wmv

Tokoro has been training with Imanari and you can tell it by some of his leg attacks.

ttt for later

whoa, looks like full MMA, or maybe just inattentive refs?

Too much rope holding in the second fight.

that was cool!


I like the flying kneebar.

"whoa, looks like full MMA, or maybe just inattentive refs??

It is a clip from a Lithuania shooto show and not actually zst.

My teacher John Dixson fought in this event. There is a poster he brought back from the event at the training gym.

Tokoro got blasted in the nuts. Damn that must have hurt.