2 explosive, well-conditioned athletes!!!


A good fight,but hardly worth the hype of "best ever in the octagon".

Yeah, what's up w/ that Dana?

Dana has since admitted to being on ecstasy that entire day. Apparently it was right after the Pride sale was finalized....

When he sobered up Dana clarified that it was the best fight ever other than the Diego/Koschek epic battle from 2 weeks ago.

Stroking two future fighters

Unless the editing left out the exciting parts, that fight was borderline interesting at best.

photo taken purportedly the same night as this fight...


It was a "good" fight, but very one-sided. Diaz was impressive. Rob showed very little offense, good takedown defense(in the 1st) and that's it. A GREAT fight has a lot of back-and-forth, with both fighters giving and taking a ton of damage. Or it could be a technical clinic.

Either way, no one-sided beatdown is ever a great fight. It might be awesome if you love the punisher or hate the loser, but it's still not a "Great" fight.