03 Pan Pac Results!

Hey, does anyone have the full Pan Pac results yet, or know where to get them?

The Comp was fantastic. I have to say from a spectators point of view the match between the blue belt woman from Roots (the dark skinned woman) and the blue belt from Machado (the one with blond hair) was the best match of the day, though i didn't see the whole comp. There was so much action in this match, a couple of near submissions and both went flat chat until time ran out.

Best throw has to go to George from Ground Zero. Bone crunching...

TTT for results

That was a sweet uchi-mata by George, shame the ref didn't see it that way :-(

Great effort GZ guys and gals: the hard yards over recent months really paid off. I for one loved the support from the crowd while fighting, and it was fantastic to have a dozen guys from the club who weren't fighting sticking around for the day just to cheer everyone on!

Next target: the X-treme cup and (maybe) the 1st leg of the NSW Ciruit.

We (GZ) spent this afternoon watching tapes of our fights, and I've got to say I paint a rather fearsome picture decked out in my wife-beater! Also to that WA guy choking me out in the U79kg Blue finals... my face almost went as blue as my belt! Awesome fight, looking forward to doing it again! + a message for Mr Chan: we've got you on tape, so beware of Hansel and I next comp!

TTT and all that shite for team results ASAP!!

Wasnt in January last year when they were posted???

Yeah they took ages to get them up, hopefully they will be faster this time round.

Dutch, was watching one of your fights, and geeze, I reckon everyone had their eyes pinned on your spectacular takedowns. In one match toawrd the end of the day, you were awarded an outside-leg-hook takedown, only to roll and get back up again and foot-sweep the guy halfway way up into the air!! You should have seen the look on the ref's face - one of my team mates said "That should be worth three points".

Ben Hall- Carlson Gracie Jnr Team:

To my fellow team mates - big congratulations go to Jarred, Nicole, Jason, Mac and Kevin for their outstanding medal winning performances.

To the balance of the competition team (Gillesy, Shawn, Rob) congratulations on your own performances, a job well done in such a tough competition field.

Special thanks go to the rest of the crew (Monica, Louey, Elliot, Stewey, Sebastian, Vishal) who supported (and screamed).

Thanks also to 'H' for filming us fight: let's hope we all look good on camera, and that we are able to SEE IT SOON. I'm proud to be apart of the same team!

A big thanks to Ben Hall for sacrificing time and effort in coaching us during the day and putting in the hours helping us prepare.


Thanks Charles for the kind words, but you also forgot to congratulate yourself.
It was a pleasure to coach my team on the day, good to see all of them support each other and that also goes for the guys who were not competing. The Ben Hall Carlson Gracie Jr Team all fought well and this is just the beginning for this new Team. Some of the team really stepped up on the day but success comes from all working together.
In the end we came back with:
2 Golds
3 Silvers
1 Bronze
We also received the 3rd place Trophy for the Womens Team.
Well done to all the teams who competed and over all it was a great day.

Charles - you wouldn't know anyone who has that fight on tape would you? It is the one fight I'd like to see again and nobody from Ground Zero taped it!


I don't think the camera-guy from our team filmed it. I will ask though.

I know of only one other camera operator on the day: so unless it was one of Sean Black's crew you fought in that match, there's not much of a chance of getting it on video through me.....unless anyone else out there has it(?) It would be a real shame if it weren't caught on tape :(

Congratulations, by the way, it was a great effort (and very entertaining). For the time being, let's re-live that great throwing action from your years of Judo


[blush] Thanks Charles [\blush]


I didn't ask our camera-guy if he has it on tape last night at training, but will check today.