#1 MMA magazine?

My subscription to GRAPPLING magazine for this year is up. I am thinking about subscribing to a new MMA magazine. I have been hearing really good things about Bodyguard magazine. I am curious, what do you think is the #1 MMA magazine?

FCFighter is a news paper basically.Grappling is great though.

If we all pull together and use our resources, we can bring Fightscene back from the dead and make it, once again, the no. 1 MMA magazine in the history of the sport.

I am going to be looked at as the most biased person in the
world since I write for FCFighter, but I've got to give it my
personal seal of approval.

The subscription price is reasonable, it covers all levels of
shows from all over the world, every time there's a UFC
Loretta Hunt gives a recap in depth and talks about the future
of each participant. Also, a technique from Matt Hume and
advice from undefeated boxer/kickboxer Derek Panza act as
monthly columns.

It's a "newspaper" but for all intents and purposes, is an MMA
mag. Plus, Joel Gold does a fantastic job w/ customer service
and if you ever have a problem, there are multiple, direct
contact lines for him in every issue. So my op is biased, yes,
but true. If you agree TTT this for me

Oh! Also if you subscribe to the magazine, you can read my
article(s) every month, then e-mail me at derek@mma.tv and
tell me what ya think about 'em all, what you'd like me to
cover in the future. Name it and it will be considered

I may get a subscription to either FCFighter or Grappling though.

Full Contact Fighter is great!

I really liked Ultimate Athlete but it went under. 

I just subscribed to Grapling after my girlfriend picked me up a copy at B&N. It looks like a great magazine. But I haven't looked at any others.

Ultimate Athlete was awesome. I long for it.....

Kakutogi Tsushin is another great Japanese magazine..
O Tatame and Gracie Magazines from Brasil
Of course Full Contact Fighter

The only MMA publication that I would pay for is Full Contact Fighter. MMA magazines have failed miserably. Joel Gold was wise to stick with the newspaper format.

On a completely different note, why in the hell is the newest MMA magazine called "Bodyguard"? I am going to go out on a limb and say it will be gone within 12-15 months.

FCF is the best american mag. Not sure if any of them are subscription worthy but I always enjoy reading FCF.

FCF is the best. decent coverage of a wide variety of
mma events including some smaller scale shows that
don't get covered in Grappling. I read Grappling, but
they aren't as current as FCF.

FCF by far

BODYGUARD magazine is a name I imagine was carefully crafted by the periodicals founders as part of a targeted strategy not to be just another "fighting " type magazine, but appeal to a wider mainstream audience. The mystique of the "bodyguard concept" as played out in real life makes it cool to know the fighting arts as part of the profession.

Specialty magazines can be quite successfull in this day and age of specialization....if they are appealing to the "security" aspect as the name might imply, then every secrity guard in America would probably subscribe, and that in itself is a huge market...Its going to take something besides just MMA fans to support a magazine of high quality and its all about advertising and demographics, ...MMA is just not widespread enough and mainstream enough to make it on its own...

That's a good point but not necessarily true. I understand that
Fightsport was doing well but their publisher pulled the plug
b/c it was competing with Black Belt mag for sponsorship $
and subscriptions. Who knows

all I know is like a LOT of members here, I paid for my full 6 month subscription to FightSport. I did get one issue though and it was fantastic.

I'm biased of course, but I would say each MMA fan that has a chance should get FCF.

FCF has been around for ten years and there's a reason for it, it's well planned by Joel and plus, it appeals greatly for the hardcore fan. It has coverages from ALL shows you may think of, news from all over the world, is the most up to date mag, and there's some good writers in there IMO, such as Loretta, Derek, among others. Plus, the costumer service seems to be great, and I'm proud to be part of it for some years.
Give it a shot and I'm sure you won't regret :-)

Eduardo Alonso.


I didn't care for bodyguard yet, it was full of great techs like the upa or armbar! Very basic techs geared towards self defense more than bjj or mma. I guess they are trying to make it more like grappling though, but i will believe it when i read it. Nice quality though.