1 week till first fight

anyways i know this has been done a few times, but is there anything i need to know or do?

You have trained very hard Aaron and you deserve the opportunity to fight. Have you signed the bucket? lol

Hands up, chin down.

TTT for the big boy lol... You got nothing to worry about you trained your ass off

Good luck dude!

Good lukc in your fight all see you there backstage :)

Wear your jock.

I agree with above , jock is crucial

possibly a mouth piece?

dont lend the owner 2500 bucks

we have a winner!!!!

AKA first float in the idiot parade LOL

This guy has a thread for his first fight drop your bullshit have some class.

Whats your name nogionly? are your initials JS?

5 more days!

4 days

3 days

Good luck big guy!

anonymous by ref stoppage

Good luck Aaron, unless their hurricane proff they aint ready !!

killem Aaron!