10 most famous UFC fighters of all-time

Over the last 20 years, UFC competitors have become some of the most well-known athletes in all sports. Several of them have been featured in Hollywood blockbusters. Others blurred the lines between sports and politics. One even became a WWE champion. And there are those that are absolute cash cows for the promotion. However, an elite group stands above the rest. Here are the 10 most famous UFC fighters and promotional alums of all time.

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Brock ?


Cowboy > Izzy

Lots of casuals don’t even know Israel is the current champion. If he never fought again, does anyone really think he’d be one of the top 10 most famous fighters? I highly doubt it.

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List needs more Royce Gracie & Chuck Liddell & less Nate Diaz & Jorge Masvidal.



When you adjust for inflation, no doubt those guys were bigger names.

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brooklyn nine nine dumb ass GIF

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no one outside of mma knows who the f Adesanya is. Masvidal is also no where near as popular as fans think.

where’s Lesnar, Liddell, Jones, Rampage

shitty list


How is Ken Shamrock not on the list?


No Chuck, No Brock, but they got Izzy on that list. Lol, what a shit box list.

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Oh you KNOW I approve

Brock Lesnar, Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock are all missing. Many more people would recognize those three names than Israel, Nate Diaz or Jorge.

Other contenders would be BJ Penn and Sakuraba (for his popularity in Japan).

Holy shit that list is bad.

No Royce or Chuck or Brock or BJ Penn…

Quit making list OP…you’re not good at it.

bad list. but no Chocolate Al???, Royce Gracie? Brock?

fucking garbage

He was good coming out of the gate with his Q & As,but this thread and his Top Ten KOs thread is not very good.

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Did you see UFC before the last 3 years OP? You know this things been going since the 90s… right?

Thanks, OP. You consistently bring good shit.

“Shit” being the keyword!

I thought about Brock, but honestly, he was pretty famous before he even got to the UFC because of his WWE run. I wanted folks that really became famous off of being UFC fighters first.

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Anderson Silva