10 point must, must go!

ODH x PBF is yet another boring example of fighters competing for the decision within the boxing judging criteria.

The UFC in order to garner mainstream appeal has adopted this same system wholesale. Is it any wonder that fights like Diego Sanchez x Josh Koshchek happen? Where two fighters don't want to risk going for the finish and fall back to trying to win the judging which says you win if you did a hair more damage than your opponent.

Granted, this criteria makes logical sense. But Pridefc (RIP) had a different approach with strong judging bias for trying to win a fight. And in pride it's no wonder that we saw championship talent in championship level fights laying it all on the line. Vanderlei x Henderson and Gomi x Nick Diaz come to mind.

Yes there are counter-examples in both organizations, but if the judging criteria explicitly rewards effort to finish a fight, and rewards it heavily, it would only lead to more fighters taking chances in order to secure the decision.

In short, make the judging criteria more inline with what the fans want to see and that is two fighters who lay it all on the line in persuit of victory.

The 10 point must must go!