10 Things Learned From Yamma Pit Fighting.

 This is funny!!!




It's funny, and it's true.

I've been on the UG for hours whilst suffering through this atrocity. I can't imagine anyone just watching it with nothing else to do. It was just terrible.

Thanks for the link.

How long will it last?????

I think it's already finished. I can't imagine another one getting financed.

Good stuff. #1 was the most interesting since that was their "hook".

Glad I didn't waste my time or money on it.

He forgot something...

11. Posters on MMA message boards really DO know more than the some promoters.

diarrhoea? labelled?

How can you try to critique someone's business when your business is writing, and yet you cannot spell, or use proper grammar?


learned that the word "Yamma" is funny nomatter what context you use it.

"we can sit here and talk shit, or we can settle this like gentleman in the YAMMA."

I agree with EVERYTHING Sam Cuppit stated in his article.