100+KG and 76KG fighters needed

Hi all,

Thanks to those who have sent applications for our Freestyle Sambo Superfight Card at the 2004 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships on September 4th and 5th.

We currently need to match a 100KG and 76KG fighter (+/- 10 lbs). Matches will be 10 minutes and will follow the Advanced Freestyle Sambo Rules posted at www.uskba.com

Winners will recieve a prize package from event sponsors. These are single matches open to Combat Sambo, Sport Sambo, Judo, BJJ, Shuai Jiao, or any other wrestler interested.

E-mail me for more info or check the "Freestyle Sambo Superfight...You?" thread on this forum.
Send in those applications!

Stephen Koepfer
USKBA Action Sports Freestyle Event Coordinator



100kg is filled. all other weights, please continue to send applications :o)

Still looking to match fighters in the 65kg, 76kg, and 100kg ballpark (+/- 5kg).

Our first confirmed superfight match is:
Lance Campbell vs. Rhadi Ferguson