10th Planet Discovered! It should

It should be named Bravo! First a grappling stud and now an inter-planetary visionary!

From CNN:

(CNN) -- "Scientists may have discovered the solar system's most distant object, more than 3 billion kilometers farther away from the sun than Pluto.

NASA is set to make an official announcement later Monday U.S. time.

The object -- about 10 billion kilometers from Earth -- has been given the provisional name of Sedna after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

Dr. Michael Brown of the California Institute of Technology and his team of astronomers, using the recently launched high power Spitzer Space Telescope, found Sedna during an ongoing three-year outer solar system project.

The Tenagra Observatory in Arizona was used to provide a verifying second set of measurements for the object.

Sedna is the largest object to be found circling the sun since Pluto was discovered in 1930."

Nice prediction Eddie! Let's go bet on the horses ; )