10th Planet Eugene fight video (Gerald Strebendt)

Nathan Wall from 10th Planet Eugene (North West Training Center) makes his mma debut

Damn Eddie I am dissapointed.

I was hoping this would be a video about a very different Eugene who used to train at your school.

lol I was hopping the same thing!


wow very good fight, that kids ground game is very strong and real aggressive, i like his style.

Cool, nice to see it in action in mma.  What event was this in?


i would strongly suggest for the name of the new affiliate to be changed to just 10th planet oregon.

either that or 10th planet pat.

10th planet pat imp

TTT for the swim move!


excellent start

I love seeing the clean cut guy beating the hell out of a rough looking, inked up guy.

why's your boy beatin on the dog whisperer Eddie???, that aint right

HAHHAHA lol @ epstein

funniest video ever

It makes me so proud to have guys fighting and doing well. I remember when I first walked up to Chris Brennan at a submission tourny and was so excited to get a picture with a guy who was a local legend and now I'm running around with a full gym and a huge team of fighters. I'm proud of these guys and I'm thankful to my trainers and friends who made it possible for me! Eddie,Joe, Chris Reilly,Chris Brennan, Mihaly Sztraka. I appreciate it guys:)

 This is Nathan Wall, the swim-move kid! I train under Gerald Strebendt in Eugene OR. I wanna thank everyone who posted positive things about the fight, it was my first competition ever so I was pretty happy I came out with a highlight such as that. Im trying to add acouple more fights on youtube but im kinda computer eliterate so bare with me. look for my last fight (will be posting soon) where I won the 145lb title in just 33 sec with a ninja 10th planet triangle!

 whats a green name?