10th Planet JJ Class

Just took my first 10th Planet JJ group class with Eddie. A couple of things stand out. One is how conscious they are about pairing you up with someone your own size. Could be that the 40 some guys in there give them that opportunity to be so selective. But that worked well for me as a small guy. The second and most important is how they communicate in class. I have attended 50 or so different JJ classes throughout the country and there is no one that I have seen that has developed a complete new language to talk about JJ. I was blown away on how efficiently Eddie told the class what the drills of the day were. Here is the best that I can remember one of the drills-it went something like this: "start in the lockdown, pimp arm, supper stomp, butterfly guard, cocoon, sweep, opponent posts, hold the arm (like the beginning of stick shaker) recover full guard, right to chill dog, kung fu move, Jew claw, oomaplata. Everyone got that? Lets go."

And you know what? Everyone understood exactly what to do.

Now try and explain all the moves without a new language and you would get about 1/4 of the moves done in a 4 hour class. Everyone that I saw was getting the entire drill. It was amazing now Eddie just had to go around and improve on everyone's technique. I thought it was one of the most efficient classes I have seen in my 26 years in martial arts.

I took a seminar for 4 hours and will agree that it was awesome

He was just up in my neck of the woods but I had to work. Dammit, I hope he comes back.

Does eddie ever come to michigan?

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Eddie will never come to michigan because he knows where I am from...feel safe edward im in florida.

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