10th Planet Prodigy Goes Crazy?

Finally, someone has the balls to say it.  What can I say, I trained him well. 

Blue namer please embed.


what a complete douche.

fight cole miller - he is a professional.

fight cole miller - he is a professional.

lol...i like conor. good shit

It was good, but lol at his thumb. I was fixated on his thumb for some reaon.

hides under bed

that guy was trying to speak to forcefull making him sound douchey and getting all kinds of breath pops on the mic.

Turn it down SKid Row.

You guys should not be allowed to hold microphones...... it's like watching the poor things be raped at the expense of the English language.

He needs more practice..

that was just plain sad. Looked like an honor roll student sending threats online.

CUO. I saw you today, walking down Washington.

You were holding a bag and had a disgusted look on your face.

LOL at one of the New Kids on the Block dissing legit fighters.


he stuttered

I forget, why do people here hate folks from 10th planet?

LOL Top Teared organization in Cali.


danny steel has problems making 155. why don't you just fight him at whatever weight he's at and get retired so we don't have to hear that shit anymore.

I wish I could grow some balls and thank my sponsors.

Man, this was like watching Tough Enough where the hopeful wrestlers were trying to develop their microphone skills. Is there anyone here who watched that and was able to keep a straight face? Someone slip a brown recluse in his gym bag and get a video of that shit so we can see how a "professional" acts.