10th Planeteers...

you should check this guy out.


 This has been a topic of discussion  for YEARS.

Eddie himself has adressed this on the UG.

I will try to find the thread and link to it.

we know.

raleigh - we know.

 So why bring it up again?

 Here is the link (for others)...


Schrute Boxe - 
raleigh - we know.

 So why bring it up again?

VINNY M. wins the M-1 belt via MOUNTED GOGO
(6) [434] by EddieBravo

 So Eddie posts a video of Vinny winning with a Mounted GoGo, and in no way does he take credit for it.... he simply shares a video of someone he has personally trained with using one of his favorite techniques. You then try to make your point on that thread with no bite... so then you make another thread, just to talk shit in, using the same lame angle that has been going on for like 4 years. 

Sound about right?

That's some crackhead control.

How's ninos brother doing. Did he get those emails Phone Post


As much as I think rubber guard stuff is a sure way to not progress in jiu jitsu, and is a chocolate covered turd, I don't think what nino does is the same as the "system" that bravo tries to sell people on. Phone Post

I apologized on the other thread this is stupid I was in a shitty mood, I am apologizing here as well for starting shit.

so...what emails?