Although Bao is still training at TEAM OYAMA for his striking, he has now decided to train with us at 10thPJJ to sharpen up his grappling and we are very honored to have him.

Bao has a BIG fight coming up in Shooto against RUMINA SATO in July. And although we I don't really have that much time to get him ready, my system takes at least 3 three years to master, I will do what I can with the time we have.

Welcome Bao!

great news for Bao. Good luck with Sato. Eddie when is Joe going to do some more standup, in the NYC area?


probably by the end of the year.

Welcome Bao! It was a pleasure meeting and rolling with you!

can you explain your system a little more indepth?

Cool, are you gonna come over as well? This time you can drink. Last time was before the trials.

sweet! best of luck bao, hope all is going well for you.

I know eddie has a very awesome style of jiujitsu, and im happy that he allows me to train there. Eddies style of teaching is top notch and is something ive been looking for for awhile. Thanks eddie

Welcome Bao. I've seen you in person compete against Genki and Javi. It will be a pleasure to train with you at 10th Planet.

Eddie, work has been very busy lately. I have to pull a 12 hour shift today. I'll be back soon. Congrats on 10th Planet's 1 year anniversary!

Happy anniversary 10th planet JJ!!!

For the 1 year anniversary I will have Free Grapplebook DVDs to give to all the 10th Planet JJ members!!!

I love you all!

Except Scott Redondo he makes me hurt...


Ps BUY my dvd if your not fro 10th Planet JJ

Bao, welcome to the team, my man.

I would like to join Grapplechaun and Stevekt in saying happy first year to 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. I have been lucky to train at many schools over the years, but as me and egm were discussing the other day, 10th Planet is the first team that I truly feel is like my family.

I love all my 10th Planet peeps.

Ed Doty

Does eddie fight??

Eddie fights the powers that be!

"Does eddie fight??"

only pro-wrestlers, and only for a million dollars, AND only if it's a work, but I don't want to know about it.

lol... you coming to hawaii too then eddie?

lemme' know if you are... maybe we can set up a seminar for you while you're out here... :)
i put together rigan's seminar when he was out here and the turnout was pretty good... he was happy with it... you can ask him about it and he can give you some info. on our facility and everything... :)

yea ! what HMCWolverine said,,,,,

wasn't bao a next gen student? what happened?

Rickson is God, the three years statement actually sounds like Eddie is finally applying pedagogy to BJJ, which I believe no one else has done. a syllabus to grappling, if you will.

Welcome to Bao - nice to have you at 10th Planet!

And congrats to Eddie on 10th Planet's first year!

Nice edition guys