117k a year, Not bad.

Everyone rants about how the UFC sucks at paying their fighters.

Bonnar, Griffin and Sanchez each are making 117k a year + more for each fight. In Bonnar's last fight, he made 12k + another 12k for winning.

And why is everyone bitching?

maybe because if you werent on tuf, then you may make as little as 2 grand to show.

"And why is everyone bitching?"

because they're not getting anywhere near that ?

But that's more than all are making on the next biggest show in the US: KOTC.

kotc doesnt have the brand recognition or pay disparity.

Bonner making $117k/year???? Isn't that for the "3-year six figure contract?"

Yeah but if you pay for training in different locations, medical, and other expenses it's not that much.

Sponsers baby

Always suprise me how Little you guys get paid over here on Your 2nd Rate (behind UFC) shows. In terms of fan base, structure and funding/sponsers you guys have in the USA, you guys get paid poorly.

I know for a fact that fighters in the UK second rate shows get paid more than the likes of KOTC Fighters, and fighters that fight in Cage Rage our premier show get paid VERY well when you change POUNDS to DOLLARS.

Suprising considering the sport is still growing here, and has a small fan base and very little Mainstream sponsers/support.

Let's not forget the price for training, management, paying your corner, room, board and airfare for you corner, etc. Medical bills...

Anyone who makes more than Kai should be grateful, I guess. Not like anyone should be paid according to their ability to attract an audience or anything.

Let's try to keep wages down as much as possible. The people at the top should get any profits.


If that's what the TUF winners are making, I don't think anyone is complaining about that.

I think people are complaining about what most of the other fighters are getting paid.

The sad part is that the TUF winners are getting paid more than every other UFC fighter except Couture, Liddell, and Hughes (assuming they fight 3 times a year).