155 can die off again from boredom?

Clay Guida

Tyson Griffin

Sean Sherk

Gray Maynard

Frankie Edgar

All these guys are at the top of the 155lb divison. All these guys have had some exciting fights, but these guys can also be classic control with wrestling type fighters.

The 155lb class was once stacked with guys like Penn, Pulver, Uno, Serra, Din, Hallman and died a slow death because of bad matchups/fights.

Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

 Exciting LW's are in DREAM, you'll have to wait for the next LWGP with the rest of us.

 Clay Guida is a "WILD MAN!"

Diaz/Neer and Danzig/Guida were awesome. What exactly are you complaining about?

LOL at implying that Clay Guida is anything resembling boring.

 Agree with OP 1000 percent.

The UFC should feed all the LW lay and prayers to Penn so he can show them what MMA is all about. 

Guida made every attempt to finish the fight by passing guard, attempting to mount, and punching away. Danzig just couldn't get anything off and was forced to play by Guida's rules and use good submission defense. What you saw was a very evenly matched (in terms of strength) fight. Diaz and Neer was all offense and just enough defense to stay alive...of course that's more exciting as well.

 I actually like Edgar and for the most part Guida aswell.  I would like to see another dimension added to their arsenal though.  Perhaps Edgar could drop to 145.

Guida did a great job.

Styles make fights.

Tyson Griffin will NEVER be in a boring fight (if he is it'll be Sherk's fault).

Neer/Diaz was anything but a boring fight. But the wrestlers that their only intention is to milk out a decision dry humping win (Edgar and Sherk especially), are trashing the division.

Never said any of the fights were boring, or any of the fighters per say. They all have their share of moments, but I can tell you that the fair weather fan is not going to be happy watching alot of Edgar/Fisher Guida/Danzig type fights.

I love a good tactical fight, but Zuffa caters to the layman and if these guys start humping eachother regularly then they can kill off the most exciting division in the UFC like what happened in the past.

Guida looked good with the exception of the 3rd round. All he did was control Mac and nothing else the whole round. No real offense.

 Although I heartily agree that your list of fighters has a tendency to rely more on "control" than finishing, I hardly think it's anywhere close to justifying dissolving the 55 division again.  I think there is a small group of this type of fighter in almost every weight class, and strong wrestling has always been the most effective/least exciting combination with no finish to the fight, IMO.

We still have guys like BJ, Diaz, Emerson, Fisher, Florian, Franca, Neer, Huerta, etc which makes

 ... me stop my post in mid-sentence, apparently.

The only 2 guys that I really feel I will get an exciting fight from are Penn and Diaz at this point. I would actually add Lauzon to that list.

Fisher, Floiran, Franca and Neer could all be layed on by all the guys in my first post.

I don't know what to think of Huerta.