155 Title picture in the UFC

So you have to put the following people right in the mix at 155. Melvin Guillard, Jim Miller, Ben Henderson, Clay Guida, add in that Edgar and Maynard are both out and they are slated to face each other still. This division is so stacked who should get the first crack at the winner of Edgar/Maynard?

I would have to go with the winner of Miller/Bendo.

Miller deserves it now followed by Melvin.

cowboy should be in there pettis and clay too. Phone Post





Melvin's idea of a mini-grand prix ain't looking so bad now.

TheAssMurderer - Miller deserves it now followed by Melvin.

Winner of Miller/Bendo

Then Guillard.

 Guida- He beat the #1 contender in Pettis and former universal #1 Gomi before him. Based on that Guida should be next in line and as a bonus: fans actually care about him.

Gil Melendez is the only guy more deserving of a shot.

Dawggy - Guillard vs siver should fight for 2nd in line. Bendo vs miller #1 contender. Hard to believe it's been 7 months since The lightweight belt has been contested. Interim title may not be a bad idea. Phone Post

Guillard vs. Siver in Houston would be the Shit!! Phone Post