170lb Title Picture after UFC 158...

I have a feeling it's going to be a lot different than most of you people think.

Diaz will beat GSP and there won't be an immediate rematch because GSP will be defeated via stoppage.

The Hendricks freight-trane will be derailed when Condit defeats him, probably by split decision.

The Hendricks fight was the best possible thing to happen to Carlos Condit. Even though he just lost to GSP, he takes out the number one guy and is once again the number one contender.

Who do you think Nick wants to fight once he beats GSP? The only guy to give him a loss in the past 7 years, and controversial at that; Condit.

The next 170lb title fight after 158 will be Diaz vs. Condit II. You seen it here first, folks.

Nope Phone Post

IF... IF... IF... Diaz would beat GSP, his next fight would be GSP

GSP can't take Diaz's punching pace. He will fold and tap the mat to strikes.

Condit will game-plan Hendricks and out-point him.

I agree with the first sentence.

Seats Taken - IF... IF... IF... Diaz would beat GSP, his next fight would be GSP

Not if GSP gets stopped or taps to strikes.

Nah, I have GSP doing his usual shit for 5 rounds, condit finishing Hendricks, Ellenburger winning a decision.

Then it'll be condit vs burger for the no1 contender Phone Post

I think condit might beat Hendricks. Which will leave no next contender for gsp except Maia.

Very stupid matchmaking IMO to put Hendricks in against condit. Hendricks is already the legit #1 contender with some good momentum and they put him in there with a guy who won't get another title shot
If he wins? Why? Is the UFC trying to shoot themselves in the foot? Phone Post