180 & 185lbrs WANTED 6/4 BOSTON

Please e-mail boneyardlit@comcast.net

I'm looking for fighters within driving distance & fighters who have experience and would like some more.

Any other locals at any weight & experience can send me their info as well.

Mike, make sure you get Spiegel on this card because we need more crescent kicks and Jerry is the one to add them in.


have jerry fight his brother, they have wanted to fight for so long



E-mail me we have guys that want to Fight. Willing to drive, from Toronto.

what happened to A.S.S?

can you fly me in from iraq? good luck on the show Mike

Have the brother vs. brother match. That sounds interesting.


ttt. fofr speigel vs. speigel



hey i do want to fight but im 205 and i want to fight a 180 guy cause im hurt lets wait for dan to turn 18 and ill beat jay up when dan finally gives joe a beaten.i got my ass kicked in iowa


mike im in but can you get me a scrub i want to win one

Sure, how about your brother?

Make sure he knows I'm joking. The last thing I want is the brothers from "Deliverance" after me.

TTT for a scrub to step up. I dunno if he's a scrub, but Phil
Baroni's been looking to step up for some fights lately...

Spiegel vs. Mayonne (aka Giant Lee)