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1oth Planet Online Training!!!!!!!!!!!!


 we begin video taping at 10th Planet HQ in 2 weeks! Here are the perks:

1- student recognition

2-opening with apx 55-70 videos

3-online store

4-one small monthly payment = access to everything


6-video comments/questions on each video

7-Eddie Bravo will be featured along with his top brown belts

8-advanced Rubber Guard, Twister and Half Guard sections along with the basics

9-affiliation program

10-free roll

11-outsider section (sending me your vids to post of 10th Planet being practiced out there.)               

12-seminar footage

 what was wrong with the other thread?

what is this "low cost" you speak of??




"4-one small monthly payment = access to everything"

how much?

so i can get certified under 10th planet online?

Malachy Friedman - so i can get certified under 10th planet online?

 yes we will have a student recognition program and belt testing availability.

as for the price we are looking at 9-14 bucks a month. not certain yet, we have to cover our video and editing costs. i'm not gonna charge an arm and leg...

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wow - TTT fa' sho!



 make sure you send me info when it gets launched, i will sign up immediately. CANT WAIT TO GET MY BLACK BELT!

can I just buy a belt???

 where can i buy the belts?

Online videotape black belt mcdojo.
"I have established the Cecchine Catch Certification Program...Tri-C for short. It is designed to be used in conjunction with all my recorded material as well as a continuing ongoing graded progression and learning procedure...I will email to you and then send me a video of each and every one of your lessons which I will review, grade, and make the necessary corrections if needed. We will discuss what it is I think you need to work and I'll be here to answer any questions you may have...."

Great minds think alike!

JR -  Sounds pretty good!  Are members allowed to send videos of them selves so they can get critiqued on there technique as well as maybe a counter video to show how to do the technique better?

 Thats how jiu jitsu grows! I want to see 10th Planet out there being used and blast it for those folks too.

 i want to be a black belt in 10th planet!