1st Article in Grappling Magazine!

I just got my copy of the February issue of Grappling Magazine and my first article I have done for them is in there! It is the review for UFC 44, I know it is very old news, but it means a lot to have it published all the same!---Robert Dunn (Fight Music)---www.thecagegym.com

Great job man, you should have dropped a plug for your fight music :)


Yeah you the man bro!!!!



sweet dude.

what'd it pay?

ttt! Very nice Robert.

Thank you, this has been a goal of mine for some time!


You did a great job man..ttt

You did a great job Robert. Proud of you. Also look forward to working with you on other projects.

Bobby Razak


Congratulations CageDude!


Thanks again guys!

Bobby, I am looking forward to the party in Hollywood on Monday, I will bring you an updated set of my MMA music CDs, see you then!

Check out my animation on the thread by BadBreed (Anamation:Sakuraba vs. Rickson)---Robert :)