1ST Strike Combat Need Pro/Am Fighters

Had some last minute fights drop this weekend. Looking to fill a Pro 155lb fight 1-1 record. looking for Similar record. Pro 135lb debut Pro. I'm also looking for a 155lb female fighter for a debut fighter. I also have several amateur spots open as well.

The fights will be Friday May 29th in Grove City, Ohio. South West side of Columbus. This will be an out door show and will be recorded for Television.

Can't pay for long distance travel but Will pay travel if with in driving distance.

email me at




hey chris i got my one super HW justin sterner who fought for you before. He would be willing to fight if you have a SHW. sterner is 2-2

I don't have one but I'll look for one. Give a few. You stil fighting June 6th in IN?

nope my guy got hurt and they didnt want to look for a fill in so i got screwed