1st Thread Eva!

Start it off with the rare UFC 3 program

The magazine that got the ball rolling for the UFC. Put out before UFC 3.

One of the first mma shirts eva sold at an mma event.

Some old UFC programs.

Poster from Mars" Reality Superfighting" event.

u bastard!

hahahaha, congrats on you guys making this happen!!!

thanx momita

Is my name red for everyone but me? Arias, you have a red name but mine is blue on my computer.

ur name is blue....

i should delete this thread and make another one...stating the 1st thread...

hmmmmm lol

How in the world do you get a red name without being a mod?

Arias,myself and I think Yumaslim are mods for this forum. I have mod powers but am not red.

3 mods for one room?

Not only am I envious off your guys belongings,but I`m also envious of your powers!

TTT for 4 Mods!!!!!

I'm happy you guys got the position...........

*wonders what kind of ornery stuff I can do*

Some of those were once mine. Nice!