1st time watching Letterkenney - it went bad, fast

The first season of Letterkenney was amazing. I was blown away by how different it was and how solidly they understood how to push the things that made them unique. The characters, the storytelling, the particular elements of realism they embraced.


By the second episode of season 2, I was disappointed with how terrible it was. It literally became just another sitcom, with all the same shitty sitcom tropes that i don't enjoy watching. I got to episode 5 of season 3 and am calling an end to it because it's just not going to get better.


Every episode is a typical situation comedy now. Except for the raunchiness, it's no different from Corner Gas. The hockey team is worried because they haven't seen Boomtown's dick. Dan and Daryl go to a hot tub party to see who can win over Bonnie. The gamers (used to be meth cooks) get confronted by Tannis and the new, sexy gamer girl sends Tannis packing with some wacky psychoanalysis.


It's bizarre how quickly it turned from something highly original into a typical sitcom. It was episode two of season two when it happened. Wayne gets pulled into an election for the ag association and the former leader gamer is determined to help him win because the gamers that deposed him are helping his opponent. Wacky hijinx ensue! They even had the new gamer leader transform into a wacky director stereotype, which is sure to tickle the funnybone!


I'm in shock. At least season 1 exists.



How the fuck did this happen? I swear I was in the Otherground.

Season 2 was a bit of a letdown for me and I haven't gone back but I still want to. Some of the funniest lines ever but they get repeated 20 times every episode. I need breaks in between I think. Cant binge it.


Great show but very repetitive.