2 Big Self Defence Errors (video)

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A video my coach posted for us, and he harps on about it all of the time in the academy, covering the concept of closing the distance for MMA or Self Defence. 

Hope you guys enjoy, will post the video below for the lazy people :) 

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For the lazy people :)

The Reylson style guilateen/front headlock escape works well in that situation.

Block knees with same side arm. With opposite side arm reach over the shoulder of your opponent and grab cloth on the back. If opponent is smaller than you quickly shoot both of your legs between your opponents throwing all of your weight back. If uke doesn't know it's coming they will slam their face to the mat(concrete) so make sure they tuck their chin. If uke is same size or larger jump a little bit before shooting your legs through(not high enough to get suplexed though) as you may need the extra momentum to get them moving.

It may sound a bit different but it does work well.

Agree with that too. That's the traditional self defense stuff we have in our program .

This is some of the vale tudo 1 on 1 self defense stuff, I should have made that distinction ! Thanks for the post! Phone Post 3.0

No offense, but in the street the best self-defense is to Schaub.

Good details. If my opponent puts me in a guillotine on the same side as his lead leg, the first thing I try is always to pull down on his triceps and duck my head to the inside, where I can take a Russian tie on the choking arm, single leg or bodylock him. Doesn't work when it's fully locked, but works REALLY well if done early.

If I'm too late, or he circles with me to keep my head outside, I change directions and circle to the far leg for the conventional knee block/over the shoulder finish.

That was nice bro, thanks for posting Phone Post