2 GIF's deserve own thread..(gifs)

This one created by meathook I believe...

and the latest gif created by Ruledogg...

behold the genius of the UG/OG.


Fudgie takes Fedor in a cage.

That second one is, by far, the most well-done gif ever created on the UG.

Poor gabe...Maybe he should fight a cookie, or a donut or something...Cause everytime he fights cake he gets eaten.


Gabe vs. Choco-taco -

Taco by armbar

It must suck, being known for that. I can't imagine how humiliated his family must be.

One good win, and everybody will forget.

oh my god! LMAO!!!!

Those chocolate fighters have sweet moves.

The whale cake was suspended for using "powdered sugar", though.

pure genius, who did those? great work by whoever it was especially that whale one.

wow that is some funny shit

i still think the jordan jumping off of tank is the "best done" gif ever.

the gut punch was just begging for a gif and finally my prayers have been answered.

Gotta TTT this for My Threads.

that second gif deserves some kind of award.

LMFAO... the attention to detail and amount of work put in on Fudgie the Whale is incredible! One of the best efforts ever. Ranks up there with the Salmon soccer ball kick to the head of Rashad Evans.

fogot that was Gabe with the soft belly

Instead of "TTT" I'll say...